3 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Speed is essential for your blog to keep visitors happy! More than 4 or 5 seconds loading time and you will have lost the visitor’s attention already.

So, I’ve put together some tips to help keep your blog ticking over nicely and to improve its speed. Here are 3 of my tips to speed up your WordPress blog. You can find these and more on my blog.

1. Optimize and resize your images

If you resize images before loading them onto WordPress this will speed up the loading time.

Why not try using a free tool such as GIMP to do this, which would also reduce the size of your images at the same time. When you are compressing a JPG I would suggest that you should not lower the quality below 80% otherwise the image quality may start to deteriorate.

There are also alternatives such as a plugin called WP Smush.it. This plugin automatically reduces your image file sizes every time you add an image to a page or post meaning you do not have to do this yourself.

How do I know which file type to use?

Always use GIF files on your website if your image is transparent or has animations. For all other images I would recommend using JPG files, which are supported by 99% of web browsers, are low in file size, handle colours better than a GIF and they also loads quite fast.

2. Make sure you keep WordPress and any plugins up to date

Always remember to keep WordPress and your plugins up to date as newer versions often offer increased speed and also security updates.. Older versions of WordPress and plugins could not only compromise the security of your blog but also slow it down.

You can find the Update section under the Dashboard of your WordPress blog. It should hopefully be self explanatory to use for both WordPress and plugin updates.

3. Remove all inactive plugins to increase the speed of your blog

There are so many plugins around these days and I’m sure, like me, you have downloaded quite a few which you no longer use. I would recommend that you remove all your inactive plugins.

Plugins use code and the more plugins you use, the more your browser can slow down. When someone visits your blog, files are sent to their browser, so cutting down on the amount of plugins can speed up the experience they receive from your blog.

About The Author

Tim Bonner has been making money online through Internet Marketing since 2002. Check out more ways to improve your blog speed and visit his blog for more helpful tips.

Website Marketing Checklist For Your DIY Home Page

Recently I was interviewed for a call that will be promoted as part of an upcoming telesummit. The interviewer asked me, “What are some ways we can test our own copywriting?”

For today, let’s focus on the home page of your website. Here’s a portion of a checklist I use with my own private clients:

1 – Make the most of valuable real estate.

If you’ve got a lot of space at the top of your page, you’re wasting the equivalent of waterfront property in Los Angeles. Use this space to let visitors know what your website is about. If you’ve got a logo, keep it small.

2 – Use quotes only if they support your marketing.

It’s SO tempting to include those wonderful sayings from our favorite Great Authors. But your home page needs to position you as a Great Authority within your field.

Quotes will be especially valuable when you write ebooks. On your home page, they will distract visitors…especially if they’re not directly on point. Keep your copy simple and sparse, with lots of white space. You can’t afford to include anything that’s not absolutely essential.

3 – Add a compelling, benefit-oriented headline.

Some sites will get more results with a news-y type headline, such as, “A New Way to Sell Your Home in the 21st Century.” You have to know your market.

But don’t underestimate your audience’s tolerance for marketing. What seems over the top to you often seems just right to your prospects.

4 – Your home page should answer these questions, asked by your visitors:

Am I in the right place? Do you solve problems like mine with people like me? Why are you the *best* resource for me at this time?

You may choose to use video, audio and/or text to answer these questions. You will probably be able find at least fifty ways to format your message; what’s important is the content and readability of your page.

5 – Clear and easy to follow.

It’s not uncommon to find four or five different messages on one hard-working home page. Your headline, sub-headings, sidebars and content need to work harmoniously. If you’re a coach who uses one approach for multiple, diverse challenges, it’s easy to set up an umbrella concept to cover them all.

If you’d like a planning session to review your own website, you’ve got a several options. Visit http://www.CopywritingWithCathy.com/services.html

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., owns CopywritingWithCathy.com, a business dedicated to helping service-based business owners develop a compelling online presence so they get more clients with less effort. To download your FREE “5-Point Checklist For A Profitable Website,” and to learn more about Cathy and her products and programs, visit http://www.CopywritingWithCathy.com

How Affiliate Marketers Can Give Google the Slap

By Nikola Janovic

I’ve used a lot of different affiliate marketing methods and find one of them to be the most effective.

Article marketing is cool, except the article directory gets to keep all the ad revenue and they are getting more particular about what articles they accept.

Review sites are OK, but does anyone really trust the reviews they read on those sites anymore? Most people know by now that review sites are just disguised sales pitches and aren’t honest reviews.

Social media is fun, but it has its limits. It’s more about socializing, less about doing business. Sure, you can make connections there but at the end of the day the lion’s share of your profits likely isn’t coming from social media.  Social media sites are not the most important place on the web.

So what is?

Your own blog. In my opinion, there’s nothing like having your own blog, especially if you use WordPress. WordPress makes blogging much easier and more effective.

Your blog is your castle. YOU get to decide which content to put on it and don’t have to wait a week for someone else to approve it.  YOU get to keep your ad revenue. If you use Google Adsense, however, chances are it’s more like Google Adcents. And don’t get me started on Google slaps.

That’s why it’s more effective to promote affiliate products on your blog rather than rely on Adsense. Affiliate commissions have a much higher payout than ad clicks.

One option is to have a “blog sponsor” section in your sidebar. Place ads here (preferably with eye-catching graphics rather than just text) that link to select affiliate products and also your own products if you have any.

Another option is to occasionally write a blog post that promotes an affiliate product. The posts should contain solid content in addition to the sales pitch. Write the post as if you were talking to a friend so that it doesn’t come across as too sales-y.

Don’t forget to have an opt-in form on your blog so that you can collect the email addresses of your blog readers.  You can occasionally promote affiliate products through email to your list. You should also send out emails that contain helpful, engaging content. You can use your blog posts as content but you should also use original content in your emails too. Mix it up.


There’s one type of text ad that I highly recommend and that’s “WordPress Affiliate Clickbank Plugin” that automatically inserts professional-looking ads for Clickbank products on your blog:

WordPress Affiliate Clickbank Plugin

The WordPress Affiliate ClickBank Plugin makes it extremely easy to insert targeted ClickBank affiliate text link ads into your WordPress blogs.

It comes with a 100% “no questions asked” 30-day money back gurantee, so you can test it out and if it doesn’t work for you then you can get a full refund!  So there’s nothing to loose!

Marlon Sanders – Learn From An Internet Marketing Legend

Since I first got started in the world of internet marketing back in 1999, one of the major experts that I have been learning from in all that time is a guy called Marlon Sanders.

In internet marketing circles the man is a legend!

One of the great things about Marlon is that he is “old school“.  He doesn’t get tied up in the latest fads and fashions, he sticks to making the most out of straight forward marketing techniques and simply creating and selling stuff for money!

Marlon has put together a collection of the most inspiring, no nonsense, hands on articles from past issues of his newsletter that reveal the secrets he uses every day to grow his internet marketing business.

The Best of Marlon Sanders” is 125 pages of pure content where Marlon shows you how to stop trading time for dollars and start trading products for dollars… and the best part is that it’s totally FREE too!

You can download the “Best of Marlon Sanders” from right here on this page… and if you’re not blown away by the information contained within it you can simply delete it!

RIGHT CLICK on this link and select “Save Target As…” (or the equivalent) to save the PDF eBook to your computer where you can read it right away!

RIGHT CLICK on this to save "The Best of Marlon Sanders"
RIGHT CLICK on the eBook to save "The Best of Marlon Sanders"

Here’s Only A Fraction Of What You’ll Get Instant Access To When You Download The “Best of Marlon Sanders”:

  • How To Turn Your Idea Into Money In The Bank
  • Seven Ways To Hustle Up Some Money Selling Products
  • Marlons’s Cheat Sheet For Generating Leads Online
  • How To Start From Scratch And Grow Your Internet
  • Night Time Cash Plan Whips The Blues
  • How To Get Money By Placing Simple Ads
  • How Walter Used Chapter 10 To Go From Nothing To 600 Million — And How You Can Use It Too
  • The Only Way To Make A Lot More Money Than You’re Making Today
  • Get 3x The Sales In 26 Hours
  • The 6 Parts Of A Sales Machine That Won’t Quit

Enjoy and profit! 🙂

How To Get Paid FOREVER As An Affiliate

Jeff Johnson just posted a great new video to his blog.

He shows you how to tap into the power of “perpetual payouts” as an affiliate to make more money.

His stuff is always straight to the point and full of “take it to the bank” info.

Check out his “perpetual payouts” video tutorial here!



You don’t need to give your email to watch this video, or a dozen others just like it on his blog.

But if you like the video I strongly recommend that you join his mailing list.

Jeff is always sending out the highest-quality tutorials, and they are free.

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Here’s that free video

I highly recommend it!